My Experience in the Adobe Generation Professional Online Course

To further enhance my digital design skills I enrolled in the Adobe Generation Professional Course, and this post is one of the assignments in the Blogging unit in the course.

The rubric requires that I reflect meaningfully on my experience in the course. So far, it has been challenging to find the time to finish all of the assignments amidst demands from work and home. That said, I have learned new skills in Flash and Premiere that I did not have before. I want to keep working with these tools so I can pass my learning on to my students.

Here is some of the work I have done in the course, mostly under extreme time constraints, fatigue, and a slow computer. Anyone feel like buying me a new MacBook Pro?

  • Photoshop: big me, small me. I teach Photoshop selection tools as you can see from my student’s blogs, so this one was easy to mash up in about 20 minutes.
Look what I caught!

Look what I caught!

  • Flash: animate a walking sequence. My walking stickman turned out to look like he was throwing a Frisbee, so I fudged a little and added in a Frisbee. It was so short that it played too fast to watch. Animating is very time-consuming.
  • Premiere: produce a promotional video for a book. I did Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. My computer didn’t have the graphics capability to run Premiere smoothly so it was kind of a headache. It turned out to be such a dark video, too. It is among my worst work, but I hope you get the basic idea.

This post is my final assignment. All told, I can’t wait to play with Flash and Premiere some more.


iOS 7 Slow Web Search Workaround

In iOS 6, I found the fastest way to search Google was to double-click the Home button then search from the Spotlight search bar. This would open a new page in Safari, all with two clicks.

In iOS 7, this has been taken away. It now seems that you have to open Safari, open a new Safari tab (if you don’t want to lose the page you were on), then search. This takes one more click than it used to, plus Safari loads slowly on my iPhone 4, adding extra time.

The fix: add to your home screen. I went as far as moving Safari off of my home screen and putting the google link on my dock for quick access.

Any other ideas/solutions?

Thundercats Game for Commodore 64

I googled this game after remembering how good the old cartoon was back in the 1980’s and thinking how great it would have been if there were a game about it. I’m thinking of playing this on my Wii Coleco emulator. It looks like a pretty standard side-scroller, but the fact that you get to play Lion-O is awesome in itself. Any other Thundercats fans out there?

My Thoughts Exactly Regarding Some Commenters…

My Thoughts on Some Commenters…

Introduction taken from the article entitled “Seemingly Mentally Ill Internet Commenter Presumably Functions In Outside World”:

Noting that he must at least own a computer, know how to use it, and possess the basic skills required to publish his thoughts on numerous websites and forums, internet users said DaemonX—the username of a person who posts dozens of inane and delusional comments online every day—is presumably a stable member of society.

Most of the time, the Internet seems like a great place full of great people. Just remember to be careful, and do not feed the trolls.